We are Monsanto.

We are engineers, developers and scientists working to answer questions that have been with humankind since before civilization: how will we produce enough calories for us all to not just survive, but thrive? How will we grow the fiber that will clothe us? Can we convert solar energy into the fuel that powers our machines? Monsanto is powered by adaptation and innovation; we have a long history as a cutting-edge science company that has produced everything from chemicals, to plastics, and even medicines.

Now we are focused purely on agriculture and problems that have plagued farmers for hundreds of generations. We are bringing the science and technology of computer vision, predictive analytics, and petabyte scale DNA sequencing to predict and adapt to climate change, cut down on waste, and engineer plants resistant to insects and fungi. These are advances that are helping move the entire world forward, and we want to share what we are doing.

This is a journey, starting with open source. We’re committed to open sourcing as much of our internal code as possible, and along with that, we want to share both elegant solutions we have developed and challenges we are facing. We will speak candidly on this blog, and we hope that you will join us as we share what it is like to work on the software driving this company forward.

To find out more about what we are working on, we invite you to Discover Monsanto and be part of the conversation. You can also find exciting career opportunities by visiting our Careers section.